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The origin of chair

    According to the book of records, the name of the chair only appeared in the Tang Dynasty, but the image of the chair should be traced back to the Han when the incoming North Hu chuang. Dunhuang cave murals have 285 image chair two people sitting in a chair; and sit cross leg benches Fangdeng 257 murals in the caves of women; Longmen lotus cave stone stool there sat women.
    The use of period chair, stool existing in Shihuan aristocratic family in the northern and southern dynasties. Although the then Zuoju has a chair, stool shape, but because without a chair, stool title, it is also used to call "Hu Chuang", in the temple, commonly used in meditation, Zen is also known as the bed. After the Tang Dynasty, the use of the chair gradually increased, the name of the chair is also widely used, only separated from the bed category. Therefore, the origin and the chair, stool, we must talk about the Han time Hu chuang.
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